Master Chef in Training?

Okay, maybe not quite, but some day perhaps…

Over the last nine months, I’ve learned that New Yorkers are prone to blaming their bad take out habits on the city’s ridiculously small kitchens. Personally, I like to think kitchens are smaller here as a result of everyone getting take out. It’s an argument as endless as the chicken and the egg, but in my experience, most of the people here aren’t passionate about cooking, but rather about eating – after all, this is home to some of the most amazing (and expensive) restaurants around.

But as a result of a modest combined income (and my boyfriend’s inability to cook much beyond pasta or simple stir fry), I’ve taken it upon myself to channel my inner 1950s housewife and cook up a storm. Our kitchen may be the size of your average walk-in closet, but I make it work.

We’ve lived in Astoria just under a year, and all those dinners later I’ve started relying less and less on recipes and just making it up as I go along. With everything I’ve learned from my very Italian family, my many hours of Food Network watching, and a new obsession with cookbook reading, we’re eating pretty well. Of course, I’d like to remember some of our favorites, and that’s where this blog comes in – hopefully you will enjoy everything as much as we do!


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