Lazy Leftovers

It’s been a pretty busy weekend. Between mother nature being downright evil with rain and a whole lot of stuff going on, there wasn’t a lot of time for cooking or going to the store. But Sunday night just felt like a night for a home cooked meal and I wasn’t interested in spending the money on another dinner out. Lazy leftovers it is!

I had about one serving of taco meat leftover and a bag of egg noodles in the cupboards. Everyone knows pasta is a great way to stretch a meal, so I started boiling some salty water and cooked up the noodles. To stretch it even further and to add in some more good stuff, I also cooked half a bag of frozen peppers and onions in the micro and then stirred the three together. I didn’t add any other seasoning as there was plenty of that on the meat. Just a light drizzle of olive oil and dinner was served.



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