about the city girl

I was born in Boston, raised in the suburbs, and if you exclude one terrible year where I lived in Rhode Island, spent my college years back in Boston Proper. And I loved it.

There’s a sense of pride that Boston locals have that cannot be explained or duplicated in other cities. We take great pride in our history, our sports teams, and our clam chowder. But if Boston is lacking anything, it’s square mileage and after a while I found myself wanting a change.

After a couple “what if?” conversations about the future with my boyfriend and my boss, Nick agreed that it was the perfect opportunity for us to try out life in New York City and I was able to transfer to my company’s office in Midtown. Nick and I settled in Astoria, Queens in the summer of 2011 and have done our best to make our apartment homey. By NYC standards, we have a pretty large place, but unfortunately almost none of that space is devoted to the kitchen. It’s my only true complaint about it and I’ve managed to get creative with space to make it work.

When I’m not in the kitchen or off at work, you’ll usually find me getting to know the city a little better, out for a run, or caving in to my reality TV addiction. I’m slightly obsessed with the Boston Bruins, shoe shopping, soy lattes, and the color pink.


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